How To Write an Essay if You Are Not a Writer

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This is actually something I have struggled with in the past. When trying to write an essay, it can be hard if you are not a writer. Luckily there are only but so many steps you must follow when writing an essay. This post will include how to write an essay if you are not a writer.

Read your prompt carefully.

When writing an essay, this seems like a no-brainer but it is surprisingly easy to forget to read the prompt for what they want in your paper. If you truly do not understand what they are asking for, don’t be afraid to ask them before or after class/work/etc… You want to make sure that everything is on track and nothing has been misinterpreted before starting the essay.

Not only is it easy to neglect reading the prompt, but it is also easy to rush through your essay too quickly and make careless mistakes. Take time with your paper and read (or re-read) everything before you begin writing. This will help ensure that you do not forget anything they want in your paper and will allow you to catch any mistakes before they become a problem.

5 minutes of research will save hours of rewriting.

If you give yourself just five minutes or so on good researching, then this could save you hours of rewriting and reworking later on down the line! After all, who wants to be stuck rewriting an entire paragraph when something as simple as doing 50 seconds of research would have given you the answer? The five minutes spent researching could save you hours of time reworking your paper.

Organize the information you gathered into an outline before writing anything else.

Looking at other papers that have been written on the topic, or just doing some extra research has prepared you to start writing an essay without much trouble! You already know what they want in your paper, what examples are relevant to include, and how it can be organized. Yay for no more struggles to write an essay! Now it’s time to take all this information and organize it into a working outline so you can begin writing without any last-minute mishaps.

Write the rough draft based on your outline.

In an essay format, there is really no need for more than just a rough draft. The writing itself is just the groundwork for your actually writing the essay and doesn’t need to be perfect on the first draft. Once you have written down everything that was in your outline, then it’s time to take that first rough draft and turn it into something greatness!

By now you should know what they want in the paper, how to organize all the information you gathered, and an outline of how your paper will be laid out. With all this information at hand, it shouldn’t be too hard to take that first rough draft and turn it into perfection (at least good enough for them).

Polish up the final draft and then hand it in.

This is the fun part! The first draft might have been a little rough around the edges, but now you can take your final copy and make sure it’s free of any mistakes or errors (at least as many as possible anyway). Once you are satisfied with what you turned your paper into, then be sure to go over it one last time and send it out into the world! Hopefully, this will help anyone else who might not know how to write an essay if they are not a writer.

But if you still struggle with writing your essay, it’s OK to get help!

This may come as a surprise to you, but if you still struggle with writing an essay, it is OK to ask for help. Sometimes it can be difficult or even impossible for people from other cultures or backgrounds to completely understand the world of academia and all its unique lingo, which makes it almost impossible for them to write an essay. And in this case, writing services might be your lifebuoy.

So instead of fretting, worrying, and stressing about how to write an essay if you are not a writer, use a popular writing service like 123 Essay. And now you can just enjoy the benefits of being a non-writer who is looking to write an essay!

Good luck with that next essay assignment you receive! Now hopefully all those other students won’t judge you for not knowing how to write an essay because now you know too!