How To Write An Argumentative Essay Step By Step – What Options Do You Have?

How To Write An Argumentative Essay Step By Step – What Options Do You Have?

Your opinion is important when learning how to write an argumentative essay step by step, but you certainly need more than that. You need to reinforce it with evidence and perhaps other statements as well. Furthermore, your essay requires a perfect structure for everyone to understand. So, how do you make it stand out in the crowd?

Decide on the argument

There are three major types of arguments out there and each of them comes with some specific requirements and ideas. Becoming familiar with all of them can push you in the right direction.

  • Classical – this type of argument is simple. You come up with the argument, explain your point of view, and try to convince the reader about it. It is also referred to as the Aristotelian argument and it represents the primary choice for essays. It is more efficient when the reader does not have too much information about the topic.
  • Rogerian – the Rogerian type of argument involves introducing the reader to a problem, tackle the opposite point of view, state your opinion, and focus on it. Your opinion is clear in the reader’s mind, especially as you back it up with facts and credible sources. This option is excellent for polarizing ideas.
  • Toulmin – this argument starts with your claim and all the evidence required to back yourself up. At that point, you will just focus on the grounds that are linked to your ideas. This option does not involve too many opposing points of view. Instead, it shows one side of the story and it brings in evidence that makes it difficult to argue against.

Get an outline

The outline is a plan. It will help you stick to the purpose of the essay. Without a plan, you will go from one idea to another, only to realize that your readers are lost halfway through the essay. Consider the outline a list of chapters, titles, and subtitles. The more you can get in, the better.

The intro

The intro can be quite diversified. You can go with a true story or at least present a hypothetical circumstance. You can also ask something challenging or come up with a fact – make sure you mention the source too. Out of ideas? Just explain the problem and go on from there.

Here are a few tips:

  • The title could be used to define your point of view.
  • Be clear – this is the intro, not the body.
  • Rely on emotions to persuade your readers.
  • Stick to undeniable facts from credible sources.

The body

The body is where most of the action happens when learning how to write an argumentative essay step by step. Each paragraph should bring in a bit of evidence to support your point of view. You must explain why the reader must agree with you. You can make it even better by appealing to opposing points of view and explaining why such ideas are wrong.

Here are a few steps:

  • Come up with at least a few reasons why the reader should accept your point of view.
  • Support your reasons with statistics, facts, and examples.
  • Think about the potential opposing points of view.
  • Answer such objections with evidence before readers even think about them.

The conclusion

The conclusion is supposed to mirror the introduction. You have explained your point of view and you have tried to convince the audience about your position. Now, you need to tie everything together. Stick to something simple – no more arguments, facts, or evidence.

  • Think about the big picture and how your ideas can affect readers.
  • Tell the reader what would happen if they adopt your points of view – some real-life examples could work.
  • Come up with a call to action – be it a belief or a simple action.
  • Reach to emotions and morals.

As a short final conclusion, you do not have to be a genius to learn how to write an argumentative essay step by step, but simply pay attention to a few steps and plan everything in the smallest details. If you have a plan, sticking to it for a good final impression will become much easier.